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Optimum Koinonia

The Experience of the Excellence

About Us

High Quality Translation and Interpretation Services in Caribbean

Optimum Koinonia provides a wide range of high-quality translation and interpretation services in the Caribbean from and into the most spoken languages across all industries. Besides, we offer transcription, subtitling, editing, proofreading, and equipment rental for tour guides and Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) through Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Over almost two decades, hundreds of individuals and organizations have trusted us for high-quality translation and interpretation services in different countries around the world.

We enjoy working with new and returning customers, and we are committed to providing each one with the best service possible. We are so proud of what we have achieved since 2002 and look forward to working with our clients for many years to come.


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Optimum Conference Room
Optimum Translation of Documents

Remote or Live Interpretation

 Consecutive, Simultaneous, Chuchotage Interpretation with or without equipment.

Equipment Rental

We have wired and cordless equipment for conferences, tour guides, or any type of event.

Translation of Documents

Within the most requested languages performed by experienced native translators. 

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The transcription is the process of creating (or transcribing) the audible content of visual media to a readable text

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Captioning & Subtitling

This is the positioning of smaller amounts of transcribed audio content to appear on-screen at the same time as the spoken words

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Proofreading & Editing

Native speakers of the target language review, correct, or edit translations made by another agency or by third parties.

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